I have a job going from Bm to A- quickly - so was wondering whether you can use other
chords as i totally love this song

Well. It'd be so much better for you in the long run if you ust learn to switch from Bm to A quickly.

Start doing it slowly, and then speed up. It's quite an important one to know, so I'd work on it.
well you could hold your Bm and slide up a few frets (2 i think, maybe three)
i don't know how handy it would be though, i don't know the song ive only heard it a few times
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Bm to A is one of the easiest chord transitions if you finger it correctly....finger the Bm as an Am shape barre chord at the 2nd fret, that way all you need to to to switch to A is lift your 2nd, 3rd and 4th fingers while shifting your index off the A string to just barre strings D,G and B. Don't worry about the top E, if you can't barre without fretting it just mute it.
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