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Mackie 1402-VLZ Pro Mixer($350)
0 0%
Presonus Firepod Firewire Interface($500)
4 100%
Something even better within $500
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Voters: 4.
Mackie 1402-VLZ, or Presonus Firepod? What to get? Mackie is $350, while Firepod is $500. Is Firepod worth the extra cash? I want to record our songs into the PC. Drums and all. Plz advise.

EDIT: I realize that I am comparing a mixer with a Firewire interface, and that they are two different things. But in the long run, which one would be best suited for me? I'll be multi-tracking, and then mixing on my PC.
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If you're mixing on your PC then having an external mixer is rather useless, unless it doubles as a control surface for the DAW software. The firepod is good in my book, since there is a working linux driver Not that it matters to you though.
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I never caught your reply in the original thread.

Well you have to look at it like this, the Mackie is simply a mixer, to get all the tracks separately to the computer you'd still need a seperate audio interface like the Delta1010LT. I'll give you the advantages/disadvantages of either route.

Mackie/Interface - Onboard EQ, Can be used as a mixer for a PA, Ability to submix channels, particularly on a larger board with more than 8 inputs. Looks, lets face in reality a mixer really defines a studio, as technically unimportant as it may or may not be. However takes up a bit of space, requires opening up the computer, and a bit more wiring up. Will probably cost more (Mixer + Interface = 350 + 200 = 550 + Cost of Cables/Connectors)

Presonus - One package, built in pres, nice and small, no opening up of the computer (unless you need to install a firewire card). Can not be easily be used as a mixer.

Honestly for your puposes go with the Presonus, you are really confusing yourself with the VLZ that link which I had sent you was simply to give you a sample of what the Firepod sounds like, and happens to compare it to the VLZ which is known to be a good quality pre on a mixing console.
Hmm. Thanks mate. Actually I am personally set on Firepod, but my other friend says we should get a mixer, and keeps coming up with all kinds of Behringer/Yamaha crap. But why would I need an interface with the mixer? Cant I put the mix into the soundcard input? Hey I dont know how mixers give their output. Plz explain how they work. THanks.
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Use the firepod, then you can EQ/mix within the recording program.
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Well getting a mixer would ruin the whole point of your original plan. You could plug a mixer into the soundcard but than you end up with only two tracks at once, and your original plan of wanting to record tracks simotaniously.

A mixer simply does as its name is mixes multiple sources, you plug mics or audio signals into them, the mixer mixes them to them and sends them out of an outputs. However if you wish to record you may want all these signals on seperate tracks for editing which would not be the case if you went directly to the soundcard, you'd need a seperate interface which would require the mixer to have channel outputs. It gets very complex, that is my personal setup, however it requires a lot of extra work.

Go with the Firepod, in the future you can always add a mixer to your firepod rig if you wish to. Also I'm pretty sure firepods have come down in price too, about a year ago Long and McQuade was selling them for 780.00 CAD now they've gone down to 615.00. Whether this is the same in the States or other countries I'm not sure.
Thanks man. I got it. Firepod it is!!!!! Thanks all.
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Would you rather take it in the ass and eat cake, or suck **** and sit on a cake?