I've been playing a lot of classic rock in my bedroom and decided to start recording the songs I know. They are just the standards (sunshine of your love, shook me all night long, achilles last stand, purple haze etc.) and I plan on uploading all my recordings to youtube over the next week.

Here is the first and only one I've got up at the moment:

Whole Lotta Love (with backing track)

Basically what I want to know is if this level of playing is good enough to get gigs (I have a band that play at the same level as me) at local pubs etc. as a cover band? Or am I way off (as in years off)?

I'm not exactly a zeppelin fan but that was pretty good. If you and your band can play like that together, than yeah, you probably could play in pubs and stuff. But seriously i wouldn't get too carried away with trying to play as a cover band. You definately have the skills, i suppose it would be just a matter of pubs wanting classic rock cover bands to play.
That was pretty sweet, your tone was great and I like the SG guitar. You nailed it.
Nice tone, playing was awesome.
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Good stuff, i would like to see more though. Its quite hard to tell if your good enough to gig based on one song.
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nice dude, very nice. Where did you get the backing track from?

Came from here

Also, I will be uploading the rest of the stuff I can play as I record it over the next week or two, maybe a track every day or two