I have to close those curtains
Although I;m not ripe enough
If i have a chance
I could have mentioned him
But now this time it's all over
All I have a chance to do is
just saying him "hello"
just with the sweetest smiles
And laugh off about my life..

Why am i fearing?
Why am i frozen of?
Why am i scared of dying?
It's just last a second..
After that it'll all gone...
Where will i be afterlife?
On the top of the world or
Just beneath the park that
I used to stand.....

How can I continue this song...
there are no rhymes in your text...........maybe you can continue with something like this

the floor is wet
i dont know why
theres nobody in my bed
i close my eyes because it hurts
to think of you and know
that im nothing
what should i do what should i think
theres only this song i can sing
my feelings are dead
theres blood on the floor
from my head
i want to open the door
but i cant...........nananana