Hi im searching for a new 2nd guitar in a budget of 400$/euros
First i thought about the Ibanez rg370dx but it isnt all that from what i heared.
Now im thinking about:-
-Ibanez rg321
-Epiphone g-400
-Epiphone les paul 100
-Epiphone Sg Vintage

I play (hard)rock,metal and some punk.(and playing 9 months guitar)

Which should i get or should i get another guitar?
The Les Paul will probably give you the best versitality, a lot of punk players use les pauls. To be honest any of those guitars would be good though. Ibanez are a good brand, never played a 321 personally but ive heard very good things. I'd probably recommend the G400 over the SG Vintage though.

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Ibanez RG321, it's rather cheap compared to the rest and more suited for your style. The mahogany body is quite low tone wise, the neck is pretty neat with the AANJ, and it's pretty cool guitar. Only thing is pickups aren't so amazing, but you can change them out and change the tuners to have a pro guitar.
if you already have a guitar im sure it will last for a little while longer. save your money for a better one.
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I got a stagg s 300 now -,-
and cause the guitar is cheap i can buy better pickups what do you guys suggest?
And should i save up or buy ?
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