it's pronounced "souna*" and spelled "sauna"

it's a finnish word

*like sow-nuh
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Saunna. It rhymes with Donna.
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lets do this latinly..


or for retards..

s(ow as in how)n(schwab)
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Saunna. It rhymes with Donna.

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2 Live Jews style: Oiy it's so humid its like a sauna in here.
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Sownuh is correct. I'm Finnish. Trust me on this one. Sawnuh is an american bastardization that is finding its way into dictionaries.
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Sow-nuh... I'm 1/4 finnish... all my finnish relatives pronounce it "sow-nuh"
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Sow-nuh... I'm 1/4 finnish... all my finnish relatives pronounce it "sow-nuh"

100% finnish for me, it's how my finnish speaking grandparents uncles cousins and other family friends say it, even my french speaking english teacher

i live in america btw

sow-nuh i do agree
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In English I'd say something like "saw-nah", but in Estonian we just call it "saun", pronounced like "down" but begins with an s instead of d.

But another question, how hot do you consider a proper sauna in your country?
Here we usually go to about 100 degrees, even up to 120 or so (celsius).