How should I got about strings that sometimes ring when I'm pulling off on the string above? Or when I play bends? It's not that audible but it kind of annoys me and puts me off.
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But no, seriously, use the side of your picking hand to mute. takes practice but it works.
You are simply experiencing unwanted string noise. It's tough to fix this sometimes, especially when you are playing a tough piece for yourself. Basically, my advice is to practice more and more and sooner or later, you'll be comfortable enough to mute those strings with your other hand/other fingers/etc. You should try to mute any unwanted strings by placing your fingers on those strings (don't fret, just mute). The more smoothly you can play a piece, the easier it is to get rid of unwanted string noise because you don't have to focus on the riff or solo itself, but rather on the cleanliness of it. Good luck!
as already said, use the palm of your picking hand to mute the strings above the string you're playing/bending/whatever. it might seem a bit hard to mute the right strings when you start but you'll get it soon...
i used to have the same problem.
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