I know its not linkin park mostly has nothing to do with acoustic guitars but its the only guitar i have atm...
But my girl loves them and i was just wondering if u guys have any linkinpark songs that sound good on an acoustic if not...

U can just go like...

FOrget it man Not worth..

Im done plz dont flame me.. lol not in da mood

edit :- umm srry about the spellin kinda dislexic...
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Here's a few

A Place for my Head


From the Inside


Hope this helps.

edit: LMAO at cardboard's sig.
Numb is the first one that comes to mind
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Not really man, i can't think of any.

Try Numb though that wouldn't be too bad.

And the spelling of the acoustic is in the sub forum title please spell it correctly next time, lol.

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