Hello, on one of my basses i never use the tone pot, because it almost doesn't change the sound at all. I got a fender jazz us, and of course there is a lot of difference. Is this just the pot?
So the question is, if I install a new, better pot for the tone, will I be able to change it more? thanks
Your tone is affected by the control pots you use. Not just the tone control — the volume pot influences tone, too.

250K vs. 500K pots
250K pots give a slightly warmer tone than 500K because the 250K bleeds off some of the high frequencies.

250K = warmer
500K = brighter
1 Meg = brightest

Usually, 250K pots are used with single-coil pickups and and 500Ks are used with humbuckers. If you want to hear your guitar "wide open" with all the highs, try 1 Meg pots.*

*Courtesy of Stewart Macdonald

25K pots are used with active systems.

but thats for guitar, not sure if it all works the same for bass
Cheap pots don't work very well. Sometimes they don't roll off, sometimes the cut out, sometimes they just don't seem to do much of anything. So YES. Changing the pots will probably help.
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The wire you use and lengths of it make a difference so said my research for my design technology project. When i built my guitar i used gold wire because i wanted the best marks possible, lol. Got an A so i can't complain.

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Eh? they have more resistance. How's that work?

I would assume that 500k pots simply cut off twice as much as 250k, although this is wrong, I don't get how it works.

Can anyone explain?
Sorry to hijack but I just had a great idea. Since my strat is solid basswood(therefore it has high bass and mids) then I can just put a 500k pot for tone and volume and brighten it up so it can sound like more like an actual strat.
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