Hey, I just wrote a new song called "Never Going Home" and did a quick but good quality recording so that people could get a good view on it.


Please tell me what you think... you see I haven't done any serious recording the last year so people keep bugging me to show them the new stuff I am writing so here it is.

I haven't added in any vocals to it yet but here are the lyrics basically.

"Your hair touches my lips,
and I grasp it with my finger tips,
and I wonder where we go
from here

And I know we cant go home
no we can never going home
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Not bad, I didn't like it until the first 10 sec, but once you start playing high notes it gets better, sorry I can't give a good crit, I'm no expert at these kind of things.
Wow I like this a lot. The guitars all sound great together...if its this entertaining without vocals it will definitely make for a great song. I mean it just sounds so emotional, in a good way. but just make sure you have a good vocalist. if the singer sounds even a little off most of the time it will ruin even the best of tracks. The lyrics are simple but pretty good too. I think they go well with it. Great job.

crit mine?
It's really good, It actually makes me calm Maybe you should add some bass, and it was much shorter than I thought it was going to be.

The name is good, the lyrics are good... production is good.

I like it!

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