I'm planning on buying me a chorus pedal or rack unit but I'm not sure which to buy. I would like to be able to get a sound of it like the beginsolo from Fade to black(Metallica) etc, Iwas looking at a rocktron tsunami, a boss CH-1, a boss SX-700, are these pedals any good? Are there better options to look at?
I have a limit at about 100-150€
Greetz Wouter

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I have a Boss CE-5 chorus ensembe and it does me fine, but that's just me. There's the Boss super chorus, and there's another one that everyone seems to reccommend, but I can't remember, so I'll edit it in once I find it.

Edit: I'm pretty sure it was an EHX Small Stone, but I dont have any experience with it personally.
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I also have the Boss CE-5, it's great. It's considered better than the Super Chorus (CH-1).
There's the Dunlop MXR Stereo Chorus, and that Electro-Harmonix pedal that greendayguitar mentioned. Check all of those out.
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if you want to hear the small clone...check out smells like teen spirit or come as you are (nirvana)

it has that kinda underwater-like sound


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