Hey guys,

I havnt heard much about this amp. I've heard 1 or 2 things on youtube but thats it. I havnt heard much about them im this forum either neither has anyone i've seen recommended this amp too many time. So what do u guys think. I know the clean channel is good but im more worrying about the distortion on this thing. Can it go heavy. Would an overdrive pedal help this thing achieve metallica or iron maiden tones??? Thanks. I just wanted to know a little more about it. Would the 15 watt be a good practise amp (teamed up with an overdrive pedal)

Not mentioned because they are expensive!!

The clean channel is Godly, but with out the help of an OD this thing aint gonna do heavy for you! but yeah an OD could possibly get you their. and yes 15 is more than enough, you could gig with 15 watts... Im thinking it could be over kill tho..
it's fantastic!

while the amp's distortion can't get too high gain, a pedal in front of it would beef it up as far as you could possibly want.

i'd suggest something valve driven though- mesa boogie do a preamp pedal- for the distortion, other wise you'll just be using all the valvey goodness you've forked out for.
cool. I'll have to go check it out. Is the distortion still good for like led zepplin and jimi hendrix.
Well you said something about mesa booogie pre amp pedal. Is that just like a overdrive pedal???
Yup, theres the bottle rocket or V twin i think, there both good

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cool. I'll have to go check it out. Is the distortion still good for like led zepplin and jimi hendrix.

The Vox AC30 is my dream amp, not recommended much, as mentioned, because they're costly.

But really, the artists you're listing, seems like a proper Marshall would be more up your alley. The Vox is a classic rock amp in the Beatles/Queen sense. Now, they'll rock, Helter Skelter and Tie Your Mother Down style, but I'm not sure they're what you're looking for.

You'll have to try them yourself.
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no well i knew it could do nice cleans from what ive heard and read but i was wondering if it could do metallica and iron maiden with an overdrive. I also play alot of jimi hendrix and led zepplin and ACDC. What kind of amp would u advise. I was looking at the dsl 50. Any other amps i should check out
With a Les Paul type Guitar and an overdrive pedal you can get some nice hard rock tones especially if you jump the inputs. The new AC30's have a switch that combines both inputs (Top Boost and Normal) so you can crank both pre-amps. They have a very unique distortion that a lot of people don't talk about, it's very tight and not "Marshally". It's known for it's cleans though, and overdriven tones. Most people who want distortion look elsewhere.
Unless you are gigging, the AC15 is too loud for bedroom practice, not to mention the AC30.
Is the 15 good for gigs? Or would a 30 be required?
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The AC30cc is available for pretty reasonably prices.

For an example check out Queen/Brian May, U2, and thousands of other bands.
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AC30's are pretty unique sounding, and you're after more of a Marshally sound by the look of the sounds you want.

But AC's cleans are immense+full, and the OD is heavenly and sweet.
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