Ok, so I am putting new pickups in my SG. I have every wire soldered and as perfect as I can get it, but there is 1 wire left. Towards the 6th string side of the control cavity there is a wire coming out of the body. Where/what exactly does that lead to, and how would one remove that wire?
I guess I should of mentioned it in the first post, but I am having a problem with the wire. I have that soldered to my tone pot with my other grounds, but I am having grounding problems, ie a huge hum. I know it's a grounding problem because if I touch the screws on the pickup rings, the hum goes away. I had my father, who is a talented electrician check my soldering, and he says the only problem could be is with the bridge ground.

How would I get to the other end of the bridge ground, to fix any possible problem?
Yeah, then it must not be attached to the bridge..Hmm...
I'm not really sure how the wire is attached. If you look in your bridge pickup's cavity, its probably going through the wood right at the bridge's post. That's where mine is on my SG. You probably will have to take out the bridge bushing to check it out.

I believe a technique Algee shared was to remove the bushing is to drop something like a smaller screw into the bushing and then screw the bridge post back into the bushing unto it just pulls out the bushing.