Well we'll need to know like what guitar, effect, amp and software you are using. What mic, if any. And have you checked it's not just a bad connection in your leads?

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im using a epiphone lp-100 through a peavy sheffield 112 transtube with a digitech rp-100a
my mic is a crappy $5. i record with audacity

i usualy hook my amp, or pedal straight to the computer and record like that my amp sounds good but it is fuzzy but my pedal sounds digitalized but it has none of that fuzzines.

i think it is because my wires are crappy $5 wires
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In Audacity, highlight a spot in a track where you there is just noise that needs to go away (a few seconds at the beginning of a track for example).

Go to Effect -> Noise Removal and click on the "Get Noise Profile" button.

Now select each track, go back to the Noise Removal menu, slide the "Step 2" slider ALL THE WAY TO THE LEFT (anything other than this slider being all the way to the "less" sides makes your recording start sounding whacky) and hit remove noise.

Voila, we have a winner.

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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.
well the bottom line is your not going to get anything near professional sound out of a 5 dollar mic, it wont have the range or quality for a decent recording, aside from that it could be your pickups, cables/ intereference, your amp, but bottom line is ull need a better mic, play your guitar where u get the least amount of feedback, and if u get a better mic u can turn the amp down a little and the mic up a little

annnnnyway, there are forum for this i dont remember where