Marshall JCM 600 head and JCM 900, 1936, 212 cab if sale.
Never sold any gear before just traded it in. This Time I can't!
Any Idea where other than Ebay?

Well, I tihnk it may be only the USA. But you make a post and the people can come to your house to check it out and stuff. Craigslist.com
This place is good for selling stuff, especially a sweet amp like that.

How much you want for it?
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I think so, Brain, but where would we buy rubber pants at this hour?
I am Hoping to get around $650 US. for it!
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I am Hoping to get around $650 US. for it!
$450US. for the cab.
Both have maybe 200hrs(at Most) on them. Brand New!

You might look at ebay to see what your gear sells for normally. I know JCM 600's go for well below $650 typically (I should know - I own one myself!). But what do I know? Good luck with your sale, I know the amp is KILLER!
I guess I was hoping for too much!? $500 is maybe more reasonable!?