hey guys, before people tell me to search, i tried!

basically, i bought cubase SE3 and an M-audio black box yesterday and i'm having some problems....

i can record fine, but after a few minutes, my computer doesnt want to have any form of sound or input from the blackbox and i have to restart my comp to get the sound working again....

Oh and after the sound has gone, when i go to close cubase, it freezes up and doesnt respond....

any ideas on how to correct this???

cheers in advance!

Try checking your recording and playback selections in the control panel. I had something similar happen with audacity whenever I changed the input volume from inside audacity.

BTW, how do you like the black box? I'm looking for something to record direct to my computer when I can't mic my amp and I've been thinking about getting a black box.
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Yeah, I don't know about Cubase, but Cakewalk has to do a series of tests to determine various variables related to audio processing and if anything isn't right, I get problems like this. I'm just sure the problem you're experiencing is between your soundcard and Cubase, if not just your soundcard. Either way, your soundcard is involved with the source of the issue most likely.

I've had more problems with drivers than anything else. Make sure your drivers are correct and updated. Make sure the soundcard is compatible with Cubase. Your soundcard can still kind of work and be using the wrong drivers, so don't overlook checking on that.

This doesn't help you much does it? You probably already know this. Sorry. Maybe a cubase specialist will reply and get you closer to a solution.
Hi guys, sorry for the lateness in my reply (my account doesn't want to work for some reason... :S

yeahyeah - the black box is awesome, if you send me an email, i'll mail you one of the tunes i've done with it if you like

ParanoiaMusic - i am completely new to computer recording so your input is greatly appreciated!

I think i've sourced the problem, but don't know how to fix it.... it appears that the black box "disconnects" itself from the computer through it's usb port :S i know this cause when i check the control panel after it's happened, it says "disconnected"

i have contacted M-audio, but their response to emails seems a bit cr@p!

anybody else have any ideas ?
I had the same problem when using Cubase with my MOTU 828mkII. After awhile I started to realize that Cubase is overly complicated so I went to using DP. For now on DP, Logic, and ProTools are the only tracking/sequencing programs I will use.
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so you think it might be cubase and not the black box ?

No. He's a pro tools guy that has invested alot of money in digidesign, so he's going to say that. It probably does work great for him. And if you don't mind investing your money in one company's exclusive hardware and software that doesn't work with anybody else's hardware and software and is overpriced - then that's one way to do it.

Or, you can go to some trouble to learn about audio and drivers and keep the set up you have now. The black box is great. I don't know much about Cubase, but I hear it's as good as any of the others - including pro tools.

Did you check the audio drivers? Did you check compatibility with it and Cubase?

I use Cakewalk, and their technical support is unmatched. Any problem I've ever had with recording has been solved by them, whether it had anything to do with Cakewalk or not. I would think Cubase's support would be competitive. They're going to know pretty much everything there is to know about soundcards since they have to design their software to work with all of them - not just their own exclusive hardware. So, have you contacted them? I really believe they should fix this for ya'.