i really need help writting punk riffs!

i have only just started to play punk style music however i have been listening to it for a while now and please dont just say:
Play Powerchords because i know that

i want to know how to make Riffs that are like Lead and chord patterns that are good and what i should listen to to get ideas.
what i do is just improvise with power chords for ages until i get something, even if the chord pattern is boring palm mutes and rests make it interesting.

Ug Irish Clan - Pog mo Thoin
For lead parts, try finding the scale of the song you are playing and pick out notes that flow well together and sound good. Idk if you like Offspring, but they have a lot of solos in their music and they are generally considered punk. Something simple but sounds good seems to be what a lot of punk bands go for. Hope that helped some.
Just mess around with the major scale that fits what key you're playing in, maybe try some pentatonic stuff if thats the sound you want. Try whatever if you want to be more unique than that.
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