I really start playing some nice pieces on my Ibanez SZ320.
The neck is great.
I'm quite into blues so recently I bought a Fender Highway one Strat. I really like the sounds of those single coils, but playing that V-neck I got cramps in my left-hand.
So my problem is : I like the Fender sounds, but I hate the neck, and I like the ibanez neck, but it doens't have the sounds I want.

Anyone who got an alternative or a solution to solve this . If you need more info, ask me...
....go get a gibson( or at least an epi)

no not really, It is because the fender has a thicker neck. Unless you have tiny hands, all I can say is just keep playing, and eventually it will stop hurting.
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try an olp? I heard they have pretty small necks, not sure of the sound though

just a suggestion for you to look into not certain though.
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thing with fenders is once you get used to the necks you won't want to play anything else... unless that's just what happened to me.
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