So,I have this social studies paper due tomorrow in English class,and its on Global Warming. I have one problem,WHAT CAUSES GLOBAL WARMING,and WHAT THE HELL IS THE OZONE LAYER? I just need these answered pronto.

And,yes I was paying attention in class,but my Social Studies teacher showed the movie back on like, December 17th!?!?!? How the hell am I supposed to remember that 3 and a half weeks later?

Any help is kindly accepted.

EDIT: Its just the important stuff that i forgot cause it was in lengthy explinations
and im only in 8th grade!
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Why are you going to school if you forget everything 3 weeks after? :P and if you type in the things in question in wikipedia, you're bound to find a much better answer than on here, to be honest.
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Just research, my friend.
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Global Warming is caused by the earths steller Drift in towards the sun and It has happened before it will happen again the earth will fill with water and then somehow get pushed back into the original orbit probably by Halle's Comet.

That is my theory but this is the generally accepted one
google it dumbass ha, but the ozone is Osub3 (three oxygen molecule) global warming is mostly caused by carbon being released in various forms