If you like great harmonies and guitar work with alot of power and emotion please check out my band Kris Sobanski. Right now we have 4 demos up that are shit quality and very early versions of the songs, but they get the point across. We'll be going into the studio in a couple of months, and will have professional recording quality tracks up soon. Please let me know what you think.

Heres the link...
I appreciate this shinning in a decade of mediocrity , however, you focus too much on skill ; The solos are great , but efficiency also matters. It's also about hitting the right notes.

with all that out the way , it's pretty good.
I like your style...There's just one thing that crossed my mind...
Sometimes felt like too much repeating...Sure you can build it up and such,,but still too much from time to time..
The ground material is great though, no doubt.