i recently got a dremel for xmas with alot of attachments

i also played my friends ibanez rg, and i love the flat thin neck

would there be a problem with shaving my strats C neck into a flatter "wizard" type?

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I personally wouldn't do it because I wouldnt trust myself to do it right. I dont know whether it'll have any adverse effects on the neck or what adjustments you'd need to make. I think you'd have to alter the truss rod settings but I cant be sure.

ask in gear building and customising. If anyone'll know they'll be in there
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you migt be able to get a neck off of warmoth if you cant shave it down
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Don't use any kind of powertool to do it, especially not with such a small head like a Dremel. Use a spokeshave or splane if you really want to make the neck thinner, but don't go overboard and keep on checking your work to make sure you keep things even. And remember to oil the neck afterwards to keep it nice and smooth and mould-free. And as Lemoninfluence said, you may get better answers from the GB & C forum.
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