Alright, I cant find anything on the Ohio River. And I need some information for a school project. So if someone could help me find some good online sources, that can help me find stuff such as Climate, Weather, Plants 'n Animals along the river, Land Conditions, Pollution, etc. I also cannot find the volume as it relates to seasons, so.

Wikipedia didnt have much of that, but then again Wikipedia isnt really all that helpful.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


btw... wikipedia is the shiet!
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I've tried both, but I cant find really anything that relates to what I need. Which is now just stuff on the volume of the river, and plant-animal life along the river. Plus pollution.
The Ohio River shares many of the pollution problems of the Mississippi and the Missouri, but it has another unique problem that began in the Great Lakes. The problem is that there are too many mussels growing there. Zebra Mussels, Quagga Mussels and most recently the Flat Floater Mussel have been over-running the Ohio River. These Mussels were not originally in these water ways. Now that they are, there are not enough natural predators to control their growth. Their population is increasing very quickly. Already in the Great Lakes they are clogging drainage pipes and disrupting the natural system by pushing out the other organisms that eat the same food as the mussels. This is a difficult problem to treat. It would be hard to remove the mussels without damaging other organisms that you didn't want to.

Not much but all I could find. I live close to where the Mon, Allegheny and Ohio come together but don't really know much about them.

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Just google each point separately:

"Ohio River Pollution"
"Ohio Rive Flora & Fauna"

Mussels of the Ohio River wouldn't eat anything different to what other ones do.

I doubt you will find all that information on one website dude, you will probably have to span it over several websites
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