hey guys
im looking for sum harder stuff to play on guitar, im into classic rock such as GnR, zepplin etc, but find that alot of the stuff once mastered is pretty easy, so i was wondering if anyone could give us a help in as to find something harder

Jason Becker - Serrana
Michael Angelo - No Boundaries
Steve Morse - Tumeni Notes

Those are pretty hard
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well, if u r in to GNR then how about the outro oslo to paradise city

you need more than just speedy chops to play that

need alot of feel, that will take you some time to master that solo ithink, and if you do, you are very good

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Dragonforces Fire & flames isn't to hard as soon as you get into the rhythm.

Operation Ground & Pound is alot harder.
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any solo by yngwie which has fast sweep runs n shit, cos the scalar runs are piece of piss usually
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beast and the harlot solo- avenged sevenfold
Pretty much any trivium solo(or song for that matter)

and metallica stuff is all i can rele think of (if thats even hard to u)
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God damned!what's wrong with u guys?He's looking for classic rock not speed metal!U recommend him yngwie?
I think go 4 Satch Boggie by Joe satriani,then u'll know what's really hard to play just like him.
^ Lol.

I would say Stabwound by Necrophagist, but I wouldn't be right.
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Dragonforces Fire & flames isn't to hard as soon as you get into the rhythm.

Operation Ground & Pound is alot harder.

You sir, are ****ing retarded.
Beast and the Harlot isnt the most difficult A7X song.
That solo is kinda hard but if u know how to shred its only a minor challenge.
The solo in bat country is way harder to get right.
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i don't know how good u are, but if ur into GN'R try the outro solo to nightrain, and then try the november rain solos if u don't already know how to play those, those take a little more skill to get down, or maybe heartbreaker from zeppelin, idk, i guess it depends on how good u actually are
Ditto on the Satch Boogie. Also try Surfing With The Alien and Flying in a Blue Dream.

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like some earlier dude said, stabwound by necrophagist is kinda hard, but other necro solos are certainly harder. theres a vid of me trying stabwound in my sig also if anyone wants to see me butcher the solo