Hi, I'm just learning how to do artificial harmonics, and I'm starting to hit them more frequently (using the thumb of the picking hand). However, it's not as loud and awesome as I hear it when other people play. What can I do to get that higher volume on harmonics?
Lots of volume and distortion is needed to get good pinch harmonics. And if this 'awesome' your refering too is say Dimebag, tremelo.

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Lots of volume and gain. If you have humbuckers on your guitar, that'll help too.

And dont forget to select your bridge pickup!
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And dont forget to select your bridge pickup!

Aye I noticed they come out better on bridge.

Eventually, after thorough practicing (i never practiced a technique exclusively or in a isolated manner)), you should be able to do it on the clean channel. The volume, really is dependent more on your tehcnique.
Thanks for the tips guy... which pickup is the bridge? haha

I've got an Ibanez RG120 with 3 settings.

Thanks again for the tips.
normally when the switch is all the way down then its your bridge, test it, get like a little metal piece and touch the pickup you may hear a noise if that pickup is on

harmonics depend a lot of practice but a big bad humbucker and a lot of distortios helps quite a lot
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first off its not AH ... its Ph ... Pinch Harmonics ... AH is totally diff.
You'll need accuracy ... takes practise to find the exact finger positions of your pickign hand to get the nice spots
you'll also need to find sweet spots around your pups ... certain places shine better than others

in doign so w/ practise, you should be able to pull Ph off on an acoustic

& what always makes them sound better ... is good ole Dist. or Od
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Utilizing pinch harmonics is just one common method of producing artificial harmonics. It's a common misconception that artifical harmonics are JUST the ones produced at the frets that are intiger divisors of the string's vibrational length, but an artificial harmonic is simply a harmonic tone that is not normally producable by the instrument.

And more distortion automatically correlates to more volume for pinch harmonics, or any harmonics for that matter. The other important way to increase volume is to make sure you're doing the pinch harmonics at the "harmonic spots"; much like you would produce artificial harmonics on the fifth fret, seventh fret, and so on, you must produce pinch harmonics by finding these spots on the bridge side of the string (these spots shift as you move up the fretboard -- practice finding them open, then on the first fret, then the second, and so on). Finding those sweet spots will result in a phenomenal boost in volume.
Wtf, I thought artifical harmonics and pinch harmonics were similar?

EDIT: Never mind, read above post.
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