Well, I searched and I didn't find many threads on this, so I thought I'd make a thread for people to post busking tips, songs, experiences, questions and whatnot. We'll see if it takes off.

The main reason I made this thread is because I'm looking for some songs to learn before I try and get a busking license, anyone got any recommendations?
I'm looking for some interesting ones but also for the obvious "busker" songs, like Wonderwall or All Along The Watchtower, if anyone has any suggestions.
You know, playing music on the street with a hat something for people to throw money in if they like it? Don't tell me Americans don't have that word...
Americans don't have that word

those are called beggars
Cannibal Corpse

Good Golly Gosh!

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Yep, u need license. Many people don't have one though. Its hard for the nice officer to prove you were busking, not playing your instrument on the street while weird people threw money at you. Police are not interested in buskers.
its illegal around here..
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i love busking... made $50 in one night doing it. play blues and folk and SLIDE, not just classic rock and pop songs. everyone loves blues. everyone.
Muddy Waters invented electricity.
I saw a busker y'day. She basically had some 10watt amp a mic, and had the mic up against a radio speaker.

I should've kicked her bucket over, grrrrr.

But there was this guy playing a stringed instrument similar to those indian guitars and was hitting the strings with these sticks and making a really cool song, dunno what the instrument it's called but it was cool.