anybody heard about this? It looks cool but Im just thinking about how badly my electric bill would be ran up, and it says "lasts 40 miles without being recharged." Which dosnt sound like a bad deal, cept my glassblowing classes are 50 miles (to and from) away.

Your imput?
I think that's pretty cool.

GM has been stung by criticism that it conspired to kill the EV1, an experimental electric vehicle program it launched in 1996 and killed by 2003. The documentary film "Who Killed the Electric Car?" released last year criticized GM for first developing but then abandoning electric vehicles.

The first thing I thought when I read the initial thread was "Didn't GM kill the electric car?"

I would get one if they made it easy to charge and could go 0-60 in faster than a minute.
From what I understand it goes 40 miles on pure electric power, then the gas engine takes over. While it wouldn't save you much on road trips, it would pretty much be free to drive to work, get lunch, go out and come home at night.