Hi, I was wondering if there are any qualified architects who studied in the UK on these forums? Reason is, I need some help deciding which subjects would be best to take at AS/A level. Thanks in advance if anyone fits the description and can help me out!!!!!
Thanks, that really useful. I already know I'm taking Design and Technology(as opposed to Art Design like you mentioned steee) and also Business Studies. I have two other options left, one of them being Physics probably as it's helpful towards getting into uni(don't see how though?). Thanks again.
im doing architectural technology just now. after i finish this year (second year) i will be going to university for 5 years + will need to work 2 years
go to your school guidance teacher or careers advisor they will help you.
the subjects will be art, graphical communication (if you have that subject or any designing subjects) and i think english too as their is alot of contracts work
physics will help. in my course there are building physics classes. you have got to use U-values to calculate heat loss within buildings, reverebration time in concert halls and so on so you may find that useful