For those who has a band I would like to know how you manage to all play together...well ...have a sort of method so it is not chaos! because i've started a band with my friends and it 's crazy! everyone is in his own corner, one playing some mettallica the other one drumming like hell whilesomeone else his compositions and the whole thing just sound like crap, we all want to play together but when it does not really work everyone goes back in his corner. i seem to be the only one sitting not touching to my guitar and sreeming or waiting that evreyones shutup. We were initially 7..but i conviced the other to kick two of them out...we are now 5
I wonder if some of you have some trick to get the others attention or a method or schedule that they use when they do a band session.
7 people? But just get everyone to get together and say "We're playing this song, if you don't like it, don't play" and then play the song. Make sure everyones in time though. Cuz if you don't know how to play together your just gonna get tired of music and just quit it.
you can always just start playing some shit on guitar and make others join you.. like drums and bass.. see how that works out..
5 people? and no self-control?

Find a new band... you're gonna have headaches. To have that many people is a bit much anyway, especially if they can't keep focused.
it helps at jams to sort of have a plan so to speak...like set out a couple of songs you all know then play through them. that way its a lot more organised and everyone knows where they stand..after you've played through some covers then get someone to start playing a riff they've been working on or something and just get everyone else to elloborate
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just yell until they stop playing and then tell them what song to play
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find a song you all like and play it together
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pick a key and stay in it have your drummer play a simple somewhat slow beat and stay in time with him
yea wat the guy said abt planning... list out some songs the wk before saying this is wat we gonna play.. have a practise urself at home.. then come together.. put it together.. all good.. thats the cover way

for fun.. can have bass and drummer play.. set some sorta groovve... wateva yous are into.. then continue the same progression.. guitars can play along.. and feel for a change...as long as everyones in time.. its might sound like crap.. but its all good fun~
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Well here is what we do. The rythem guitarist starts playing a riff then the drummer comes in, and then the lead guitarist just comes in and out when ever he feels like it. It also helps if you come up with hand signs to tell everyone else what to do.
i'll try these tricks but i've the bad feeling that it won't work the problem is also that i am the one of the most experience guitarist of these but i'm not playing guit at all because i'm stuck at the drum haha because beside it , i'm the only one that can play drum and we need one...But i reaaly hate it...at beginning i found it fun but now i just want to take back the guit and take a better control...cauz its kind of hard to get the control when your at the back of the room behind a big thing that no one see you. if these trick doesn't work, i'll try to find myself a new band where ill play guit....if not its hopeless
lots of people in my band have adhd/add, so we always get off track while practicing. but we've gotten better at playing together. just try practicing more and more, and you'll get it.
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its always nice to start off playing covers, and then developing your sound and writing original material from there.

You cant just get a bunch of people in a room and have them build a song, and play together if they havnt before, and especially if they've never played in a band before.

but ya, try covers! sit down, and talk about what songs you all like, and then play them! 7, sounds kind of overkill...what do they all play???

the more people, the harder its gongi to be to get stuff together cause you gotta give everybody something to do. IMO, this is the hardest part of putting a band together: Getting Started. Good luck,

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Improvise. Have one person play something really expandable (if you're the drummer, play a simple drum groove) so that each member of the band can contribute to the sound in their own way. Once you've mastered the art of doing that (and my band has on multiple occasions played hour long "songs" by starting with just a simple drum beat), co-ordinate on learning to play songs and then evolve to writing your own songs (unless you're in a cover band or some such).
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because i've started a band with my friends and it 's crazy!
We were initially 7..but i conviced the other to kick two of them out...we are now 5
I wonder if some of you have some trick to get the others attention or a method or schedule that they use when they do a band session.


Perhaps the obvious lack of discipline you report about your band is caused by the lack of focus.

Are you sure everybody knows and understands why the band gets together ?

Does each member know what all other members expect from him ?

Does each member willingly agrees to do and effectively does what other members expect from him ?

Maybe you could start with each band member stating:
- what he wants the band to achieve within a given timeframe, say 3 or 4 months deadline
- what he considers is a good use of time spent together and what he considers a waste of time

Then you should have everyone agree to the band's objectives and commit himself to do what others expect from him.

As a personal advice:

- make "waste of your time" your personal enemy, litterally.

Be smart enough to not confuse this with blaming people of wasting your time. You could as well be responsible for such a situation for not having been clear enough about what you want to achieve and how you plan to achieve it, making other people believe think you share the same objectives as theirs.

You should also consider that people who at one time have different priorities than yours may very well share the same objectives as you at another time so don't be rude to people you don't once agree with.

As a general idea, I break down band meetings in the following activities:
- rehearsal
- writing
- arrangement

It is also a good idea to establish as a formal organization role within a band, formally and openly recognized by all other band members, and work with this idea in mind, that of song boss. The song boss, generally the most artistically "enlightened", is the guy in a band who holds the vision and the final word of how a song should sound like and how it should be played. Depending on the talent and song-writing ability of other members, the song boss can be different from song to song, but often is held by one or two "leading/founding members".