I'm not the one playing guitar on this track, it's a song my bassist did, he plays guitar on it. Click the link in my sig that says weakest moment, and the songs called "Breaking the Chains of Memory"

edit: And also I know the quality is horrible.
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The quality could be worst I have heard much worse. Personally the guitar could be better for such a simple song but no bigy that is the reason he is a bass player.
Here is what I noticed right off the bat.

1. keeps loosing time
2. just stock chords
3. try some harmony like learning how to play multi
4. The instrument it self sounds good but whoever is playing isnt that great

alright first off not the end of the world I have seen much worse... practice the vocals so that they will outshine the worse guitar, make them louder and set the guitar sound up so that it envelopes the listener. if the lyrics are good they will certainly hold their own for the song. The trick is working with that which you have not what you don't have.

I don't usually do crit for crit just because generally people just bs to get their own stuff reviewed but here is my link if you would like to review.