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yes - they are the ownage
1 10%
3 30%
meh, i don't care
6 60%
Voters: 10.
Absolutely. Wolfmother rocks! I've listened to a bunch of their songs, and I have yet to hear one i don't like. They're fun to play and are just great to rock to.
everyone i talk to that's not a complete idiot says they're copying zeppelin. i've only heard one song and didn't like it, so im reserving judgement, but i wonder if anyone else thinks they're doing a little copying?
I think they're alright.

The only song of theirs that I've really enjoyed is "Vagabond."

Andrew's hair is righteous though. I'm gonna let my 'fro get that big, I've been able to see my ears for a while now.
the tv tells them they copy led zepplein but they dotn sound anything like led zeppelin they sound like a big rip off of black sabbath and deep puurple i think the same riff from joker and the theif is also in lord of this world. wolfmother is gay
I don't like them. Not because they try to copy a band but because they are trying to bring back the classic rock sound. Unsuccessfully I might add. They sound like a cheap cover band trying out their own stuff. It just doesn't work. And did anyone hear their cover of Communication Breakdown on that one awards show? All I can say is
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