THIS IS IMPORTANT SO ANSWER HONESTLY AND DON'T JUST GO WITH EVERYONE ELSE! Is Behringer Good Or bad, I recently got a Behringer Ultrabass BXL900A. So far I think it's tone and power is good. I want to know about technical problems. I've heard so much from both sides and I want answers! Does it fry or stop working or start on fire or is it good. Don't protect Behringer just cause you have one and want to protect just for your ego, be honest. What problems have you encountered?

P.S. I don't want to know about guitar amps, I want to know about Behringer Bass amps.

If you honestly hate Behringer what else would you recommend?

Please, let me know honestly because it would be hard for me to get another amp and I want to know if I should be worrying or not.
I liked Behringer when there was nothing else to compare to- They are not BAD per se, but in comparisson to other available brands out there, they are somewhat lacking in quality of build/tone etc. If you REALLY can't be arsed to save up the extra hundred dollars or whatever, go with one, but dont be surprised if you suddenly need (or just want) a new amp sooner than you'd otherwise expect.
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I have the little bedroom 15w Thunderbird, and it sounds excellent. I have tried out some of the Ultrabass series, and they sounded horrible. They're also known to have problems. Buying a Behringer seems to be a risk in most cases.
I played trhough big bass and guitar amps by them, the bass amps are much better compared to the guitar ones to say the least.

the guitas amp by them just.....ew.

The bass amps are OK with a good head, but I wouldnt get one personally.
I personally...

love Behringer i bought the 4500 UltraBass Head.

Its packed with tone and is very versatile.

I don't know about there Speaker cabs but I have only herd bad things about it.
I'm seriously thinking about sigging this, huh, Behringer= %50 of= Complete and utter crap-o-rama. O.K, I know people that have had em for years without a problem, I also know people that have bought them and had them be crap for ever, then finnaly getting rid of it. They are cheaper than others, at the price of quality. I can't remeber who said this but "You get what you pay for."
if you get anything from before they moved to china, you'll find a precision built german piece of equipment. when they moved, things turned to shit.
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I have the BXL900, and I don't think it's too bad. I plan to save up for an Ashdown cab and a Backline 600 head, but then keeping the Behringer just for practicing at home (keeping the cab at my drummer's house so I don't need to lug an amp back and forth.

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^yeah, that Backline head is amazing. I love mine.

But I almost bought a behringer, but then I heard after some advice from my teacher and on the forum that they were very sensitive and were prone to shut down if bumped to much and such
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I have my behringer gear listed in my sig.

Iv had the head and cab for 2 years now and they have never let me down, great sound & tone my only real issue are behringer's effects, they are just terrible!
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I bought a Behringer 1800A, came in, started sparking and smoking. Got a replacement and the other day it started cutting out on me so it's going back for a refund. In the mean time I have an Eden Nemesis N8 which for a practice amp is amazing. I will not own another Behringer product nor will I ever recommend them to anyone. Of course they don't have a 100% failure rate so there's always a chance that'll it'll work fine. They look nice I will admit.
I only have a small bedroom so i use the BX600 combo, had it for a year n half ish and i love the thing, but so far i only playd rock music on it like Motorhead and Hawkwind type music, seems to do the job and i not had any problems with it so far.
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if you get anything from before they moved to china, you'll find a precision built german piece of equipment. when they moved, things turned to shit.

Yea, apparently they used to rock.

But nowadays they are too risky. Even if you have a good warranty, you'll still be out an amp/PA/whatever for a few weeks while they fix it. and when your warranty expires you're done for.

I know a few people that have had bad experiences with Behringer, and I've heard so many horror stories. Plus I've never head a Behringer product that sounded decent. (Except some of thier guitar pedals, they are good for the price.)
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I have a behringer bass overdrive pedal and a virtualizer pro (FX-unit, for PA).
They lack build quality in every way. The power knob came loose on the virtualizer after just a couple of weeks. And when I wanted to remove the pedal from my pedalboard, the rubber on the bottom came of the pedal. I attach my pedals with velcro to my pedalboard and apparently, the velcro is stronger than the glue holding the rubber and plastic together.
Anyhow, thats just looks. The most important thing to me is how does it sound?
The pedal got me by surprise to be honnest. It sounded quite good, better than I expected. But after a while it started adding noise to my signal. So it went out of it. The virtualizer isn't any better.
So because of the lack of built and sound quality, you'll never see me buying that 'equipment' again.
Again: everybody is free to choose whatever gear he needs/wants, but it doesn't meet up with my standards...
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yeh this is sumthing i been thinking about cos all my bassist friends recommend behringer cos of good tone versatility good price etc but all my guitarist friends jus shit bout them saying that they are really unrealiable

im thinking about gettin the 4500 head
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I tested out a BX1200 at a local music store once, and within 2 minutes of playing at low volume, it started smoking. Shoddy electronics work had caused a short.

Every music store in my region refuses to carry Behringer equipment (save for one store that stock Behringer PA speakers, which aren't nearly so shitty), because of an excessive amount of returns/meltdowns. Many won't even order them in special.
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I own one and I will not get another one. Time for a Gallien-Krueger.
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ok, i was thinking about getting one because i need a new amp (moving up from 15w prac amp)

but obviously they aren't that good, what are some other brand in this price range or a bit higher?
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I just bought the 4500H Ultrabass head. So far, the thing has been really nice. Power's great, sounds nice, solid so far. Only quip about it though; the Ultrabass effect is either hit-or-miss...let's just say it doesn't fare well with my dropped tuning or with chords. Other than that, it puts out an interesting growl to your playing.

Problem is, I'm playing it out of a Crate 200-watt cab, so I'm not getting the full effect out of it. I hear the 1200-watt 4x10 cab Behringer puts out is real nice. Either that or get yourself a nice Ampeg, Gallien-Kreuger, or whatever preference cab.
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I had a behringer v-amp2 for a while and it was pretty good. never tried their amps though.
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well ive had my little amp sense like a month after the UlTRABASS line came out back the the "flagship" combo amp was 120 watts for $270 i got it and loved it it was the only amp that had 4 band EQ and that is the real reason why i got it. Plus i love the shape function and the Ultrabass function is not good for evrything but it really sounds okay. if you can save up for a better amp by all means do so but if you only have 200 bucks and need a non-crap amp behringer will do the trick.

ive had it for 3 years just about and i have had ZERO issues with it. and i take it to football games (in highschool marching band and play bass guitar in it )It is very reliable and the sound is not awsome but it is decent enough.

2 years later they have a 450watt for a little more than ive payed for my 120watt but hey that was best available when i was buying. it was that or a fender rumble 100 and im glad i did not get that one becasue back then they only had 3 band EQ and were HUGE
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I played mine for a good hour (pretty loudly) without a problem (just some occasional static due to a crappy cable). I bought it awhile ago, and haven't had a problem with it. Maybe I'm just getting lucky, and my amp with burst into flame in 20 minutes =P

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