Hi, I am looking for some blues music. I am a beginner guitar player, and want to start playing some blues music. But the problem is I don't know any blues music. Could you guys recommend some songs and artists (preferably artists) for me? Thanks.
Look for some Ledbelly it's mostly all just blues progression in E

tonic subdominant dominant
e ----------- e ------------- e ----------------
B ----------- B ------2------ B --4------------
G ----1----- G ------2------ G --4------------
D ----2----- D ------2------ D --4------------
A ----2----- A -------------- A --2------------
E ----------- E ------------- E ----------------

if you cant find ledbelly look up some electric blues like Muddywaters song
Manish Boy whisch is simple early bad dog blues once agian progression in E