Hey all... I know this is the easiest of easy songs, but I always trip at the first palm mute. It's not 4 palm mutes like the rest of them. I've heard and seen many people make this smae mistake, and in order to avoid this, I'd like to know...WHAT IS THE PROPER WAY TO DO THIS!?

Second: What is a good setting for the distortion of tyhis song..mine always ends up too bassy.'

Thanks in advance for any replies.
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hmm is it a palm mute? i always thought you scratched the strings. i do that and it sounds fine. so do my guitar playing friends, dont know where you got palm muting from.

hmm are you using the bridge pickup? i used to play on the neck, and it sounded too deep, so i switched to bridge on a strat, and turned the treble up two notches higher than the bass.
well the distortion question, with all the pedals you have im sure you could find the right tone.
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im not sure. but i think he is doing one quick softer dead note before the noticble one. and then i think thats it before the B. i cud be totally wrong though. and im not too sure on the settings. sorry i cudnt help.