This will probably be a difficult question to understand. Right im learning how to see chords in all position on this page/website here. Ive learnt the 7 interlocking chord shapes at the bottom of the links page. Now the problem is moving the root around im getting very confused and have to stop and think about which modes root im starting on and if its major or minor etc. How should i go about learning this so i dont have to think about it and can happily strole through arpeggios anywere? I know its goin to require alot of practice but i dont know how to practice it the best way possible.

Thanks adam.
^ i would recommend breaking it down. practice each mode daily spend an hour or 2 practicing the chords and essentially "running" the scales, perhaps write a little musical piece out of the position on the scale. switch off a mode per day and over a period of a month or 2 it'll start to become 2nd nature, it prolly won't come incredibly quick but with time i'm sure you'll pick it up. the easiest way for me to spot a minor type scale versus a major type scale is with the 3rd and 6th, if a scale contains both of these minored it's pretty much guaranteed to be a minor, if they're both majored it's guaranteed to pretty much be a major. if any of the theory guru's (BGC, cor, JohnL, elvenkindje) disagree or find this statement to be inaccurate please feel free to correct me.