My mate has recently started playing bass. He's off to a slow start, but he's working hard at it. His awful starter bass (some generic bass, can't remember the brand) died and everyone is telling him to get a new one. He's asked me to help him, but I'm a guitarist, which is why I'm here asking for your advice is the Squier Affinity J-Bass a good beginner bass? I'll be trying different basses out, but if you have any better suggestions in the £150-£190 price range that would be great.

If you could chuck an extra 40 quid in, the Yamaha RBX374 is very good. I started on it and it is still going nicely
Nice, I'll check that one too. Thanks a lot (By the way, he's fine for an amp. Just started and he has a 150 Watt Marshall practice amp )
My first bass was a Squier Affinity P-Bass an I've had no problems until now. The volume knob is going past the stop point, but that's easy to fix. I've had it for two years but I have a new bass anyways.
Bass is my life.