k i want some pedals and a pedal board but i have a question they have pedal boards on a different site for like $120 but i dont know what that nesacarily means because it dosnt actually come with pedals so im a bit confused about that and also which one of these should i get but i do not want that $99 so plz help me out.

Are you buying your pedals from a church sale? Most decent pedals are upwards of 100 bucks, even the lame fabtone ones are over 50 bucks.

*edit* I'm sure the power supply that comes with the pedal board is also a significant part of the price.
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that is even if a psu comes with the board. Manufacturers charge what I think are rediculous amounts for their boards. I say build one yourself if you have the tools even though it doesn't require alot of work just a bored Sunday afternoon.
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