Alright, so i heard about Tantric on the internet. THey said they sounded like Alice In Chains. Apparently they are the same band as Days of The New with a different singer, so they also were supposed to sound like AiC. Well, AiC happens to be one of my favorite bands, so i decided to check them out. To my surprise, they sound nothing like AiC, leaving me very disappointed. Every once and a while, there was a vocal harmonization (i think thats the word) similar to Layne and Jerry in AiC, but that was it. It turned out they are not that bad, but still, it has left me disappointed. Does anyone here actually think they sound similar or heard that they do?
I have been a big Tantric fan for a long time. I think they are an excellent band, great musicians and very likeable people. I met them before a concert once and they are really a cool bunch of dudes. I think as far as AIC goes, that was a big influence for them, especially for the guitarist, Todd. I don't think they claim to "sound like" AIC but were inspired by them. Their concerts are a blast. I think I have seen them about 6 times. Don't give up on them. There is only one AIC. No one has a voice like Layne but this is an excellent band as well.
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