As the title says, this is my cover of Brand New's Moshi Moshi

This is my second ever cover/recording of myself...


Leave me a link and I will Crit back as soon as I can


EDIT: There's a lot of background feedback, I was using the line in on my soundcard, which just happened to be next to my wireless adapter, so the radio waves caused interferance/feedback.
Aw. I'm surprised no one has commented yet. Yeah, I hate the thing with the feedback. It does that when I try to plug in my guitar which is why I don't. Let me know if you figure out how to fit it. (If you use cool edit pro you might be able to remove some of that with the hiss/click thing) It takes a lot out of the cover though. The guitar was good and I enjoyed it acousticly. However, I think it needs to be a bit louder. The vocals were nice. They could probably be improved but nice.
Yeah, amn, it wasn't bad at all. Just invest in some recording equipment. I got an audio technica mic that I use to record my vocals and the guitar at the same time, and it was only 30 bucks. Then, get an adaptor that converts the 1/4 whatever cord to a microphone port sized on and plug it in in the back of your computer. That's what I do at least and it's not too horrendous. Keep at it. If you would, crit the Dead Kennedys song in my sig. Thanks