I got pushed into a "Wall of Death" at school today and this was the result.

Any other experiences ending in stitches. Share
i split my elbow open playing paintball....it was pretty cool but i couldn't bend my arm for a week.

i also picked out a bunch of the grass and dirt and stuff that was in it which was fun.
Fell over while drunk and trippin. Bust my chin wide open. Fun fun fun.
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What's the "Wall of Death"?


that would be a wall of death

+Rip Dimebag+


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ewwwww ewwwwwww

well once when i was about 12 years old i was running through my school and i fell and smashed my head against a table, i felt no pain but i kinda got freaked out when people were screaming at me 'OMG YOUR EAR IS COMING OFF'. that freaked me out, but when i checked in the mirror i saw i had only ripped my earlobe pretty badly sooo i had to get that sticthed. ohhh and another time was when i had an operation on my knee because i had an extra bone in there, sooo it had to be taken out. i had stictches in my leg for ages, it pissed me off soo much. now whenever its cold my scar turns purple.
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Mine usally takes about 40-50mins. Just leave it while you do somthing else. What you choose to do in 40 minutes is completley up to you, but I usally carve small aniamls made from pieces of coal.

Whos takes 50minutes? seriously
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What's the "Wall of Death"?


Hahahahh okay. I'll tell the story.

I was playing basketball in gym class and I was doing pretty well. I jumped up and stole a pass. I ran the other way and went for a lay up. This kid that hates me that's like twice the size of me decided not to block me, but to jump into me and body check me. I flew into the gym divider wall and hit it head first. I got up and was a little dizzy. I looked at my arm because it felt numb and there was a deep and wide cut. I think what happened is I hit my arm on the metal door frame. I'm gonna look for skin on it tomorrow morning.
i got stabbed with a pencil, and i had to get stiches on my arm. I got led in his arm though when i got my revenge stab, and it's still there.
I've had 80 - 100 in my left forarm, 7 on my lip, and 14 on my left hand.