i'm looking for a guitar under 50$ canadian to smash at a show. any ideas?
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this is UG
of course they're going to say
0H it'5 @ jAcK50l\l!??!?!
iT i5 TeH p\/\/naG3!!!

but yeah its fine
smash a gibson, that way you'll make everyone at the show cry cause intensity of the show :P
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try a pawn shop. how much is 50 canadian in american?
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im not sure if theres any toys R us in canada but they have guitars for 48 dollars.
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smash a guitar hero controller, then people will know you're "hardcore"

You should seriously do that.
pawn shops?
apparently UG's only type O-

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Walmart FirstActs.
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smash a guitar hero controller, then people will know you're "hardcore"


Dont do that. I only have one controller right now, and i need another. Dont even think about it. But go to a pawn shop for a guitar. Im sure they have some cheap stuff.
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50 canadian dollars is like 40 american dollars
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the bassist in my old band smashed his guitar and gorilla glued it back together. he smashed it into three clean pieces and snaped of the neck. thats kind of like his signature.
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have someone else be playin your part and act like you playin,then smash a blow up guitar...works every time
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Musician's Friend has Rogue acoustics for 50$. We mashed one at a show and it practically exploded. Really nice effect, although noone in the crowd knew how to respond (military people ya know) until someone got slapped in the face with a banana, then all hell broke loose.
^Good point. Set the sumbich on fire then use a chinese baby to put it out. After that shove the charred baby/guitar remains in a nuns bum, slap her in the right eye, and give her a jar of dill pickles. By god that's entertainment.
hmm smash one of them estabon guitars, just cuz he pisses me off, lol.
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I'd sort of laugh if you smashed the guitar and hurt yourself in the process. That'd be sort of hilarious.
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The Rondo Guitar is about $90 after shipping.

Here's a Behringer Guitar and Amp for $90. add ten bucks and get free shipping from MF.


National Music Supply on Ebay. I bought 2 Strat copies from them, well worth the money. One for $47 shipping included and one for $53 shipping included. You will have to look for the guitars that they are Auctioning off, not the Buy It Now ones. Pick one and bid. If your patient you can catch a good deal.

^It would be well worth 47 bucks to smash a strat and make it's permanent residence in a nun's turd factory.
Lmao, I've got a shitty guitar neck and body laying around. I plan on getting random parts, putting it together and playing a song, then breaking it.
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