Hey all,

im thinking of between these 2 amps - the fallen angel ashdown, or the marshall dsl401.

however reading the reviews on harmony central for the ashdowns.. there seems to be a big difference between the 40 and 60 watt fallen angel!

it seems to be 'not enough distortion' on the 40 and great distortion on the 60...

and since im in the UK i cant try any of them out!

so is it really that much of a difference? i will prob get the 60 by the reviews...
The difference isn't in volume, it's in the gain. The amps are simply voiced differently. The actual volume difference is very small, somewhere in the realm of 10-15%.
Yes and no. If you crank them side by side you can tell the difference. But overall its not worth worrying about.

Its not a question that can really be answered. Some 50 watt amps that are the same wattage have different volumes.

For instance. My JCM800 combo is probably a full 1/3 louder then my Traynor Blue of the same wattage and tube setup.
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