ive had a really hard time writing this song and it isnt finished yet but i thought i'd post the stuff i had done just to get some feedback on that so i can see if im goin in the right direction here.

i walk down the highway of nothingness
into the abyss of broken dreams
i can feel myself losing
can i ever win this game you play? or will it continue untill my dying day?

the road is so long
and i feel my breath becoming short
when will all this end
your driving me insane
why do you have to put me through so much pain

Hopelessness avenue
eventually leads to apathy drive
why does it have to be this way
tonight i will run and hide
for today i have almost died

the last line there needs to be changed but i dont know what to
Uh, no offence, but there is absolutely nothing clever about this song. The "Apathy Drive" and "Highway of Nothingness" is a little tacky. Well, thats what I think, at least.