i was about to leave with my moms van so i could haul my amp to the repair shop. But when i was backing out of the garage, i didnt notice the garage door wasnt quite all the way up... stupid me. Well one panel is bent, the door is off track, and the van has some scrapes at the top.

So can the garage door be repaired or will they have to buy a new one
i wouldnt be asking the pit lol
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If you are concerned about looking like a cheap-ass, replace the door. If not, just put it back on track and, "ta-dah", good as new.
you can unbend it and put it back on track, not too hard, got any pics to help more?
i really did but i dont have a camera to use. the bend in the door ISNT that bad, but i dont know if it can be hammered back into shape
Like I said, beat it in the opposite direction, and it won't look like total shit. However it'll speed things up in the sack with ... whoever.
I'd be more worried about the damaged van. Who cares if the garage door looks like garbage but you have to ride around in that van.
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you started the car with the garage door closed?

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