Hi so im basicly looking for a heavy sounding tube amp $520 CANADIAN dollars or under. I've been looking at a couple Randalls but i live in Canada so they're hard to find. So can anyone help me out?

ashdowns are nice.

and randalls.... they aren't good unless you get the nice ones. mine doesn't cut through the mix very well.

basicly, i'd be looking at a fender, marshall or ashdown.

like i said, i'd go with the ashdown myself.
Hey there, I've had the Vox Valvetronix AD100VT (100W 2x12) amp a year....it rocks. Its is valve preamp and has some models built in, but overall you can't beat the price/quality/performance ratio on this amp.

It looks awesome, there is a 50W version if want to save a little dough. If for any reason the sound isn't quite dark/heavy enough you can always run through your favorite pedal to get it just the way you want.

You can get it as a one unit combo amp or in a head/cab setup...here's a link below with a demo and sound samples...I play an Epi LP with SD pups and a Jackson DKMQ with the Zakk Wylde Emg's and it rules.


You can pick up a cheap Peavey 6505 on ebay for around 600$, check 'em out it's one of your best bets in my opinion.
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