ok im trying to prove a point to my friend and im pretty sure im right

we were arguing over whether marty friedman uses a whammy bar at any point in his career or not, and i say no, and im pretty sure of it

ive been looking on google for pics but even if he has one on his guitar, it doesnt actually mean he uses it, (i think i saw like 1 pic out of 4000 found where he has one)


does anyone know of any songs where he actually uses a whammy bar?
wiki about it or go into another one of the fourms just not here
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he used a custom jackson kelly for that song, even that whole album

that kelly had no whammy bar

Yep.He was playing with jackson with non-tremolo on concerts.He bends so sick that sounds like whammy
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hey, in the end, did you lose the argument?

He used a whammy bar on 2 songs in his entire career that I know of. One is the outro solo of Dragon Mistress, and the other one is Sword of the Warrior (iirc).

I mean, he doesn't regularly use them, but he did like one time 20 years ago lol.
^I'm surprised this still even exists.

I got really butt-hurt about this argument in real life, because I was a strong proponent of not using tremolo and Friedman was like my favorite guitarist at the time. God I was such a fvcking kvnt back then, lol.