Hey all,

I've recently become rather obsessed with the work of a young man going by the name of Eric Gales. He's an absolutely incredible young blues-rock guitarist with a truly impressive "raw" playing style.

I think that he's got a great style, and he's one of the few young guys out there who doesn't take a hugely noticable influence from SRV (although he clearly enjoys his stuff). He's known for playing heavy and fast but he's fully capable of keeping everything under control. Even his vocals arn't too bad either, which is also quite rare.

Check out his myspace here... http://www.myspace.com/ericgales

I recommend "Hand Writing on the Wall" and his cover of "Foxey Lady" to get an idea of his signature craziness.

I'm wondering if anyone else is familiar with him and their thoughts on his work. I'd also love to be able to find some stuff for learning his style or picking up some licks, if anyone has an resources please let me know.

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I know he's on that Band of Gypsys thing with Andy Aledort where they do all of they share the Hendrix role and it's supposed to be really good.
Heard quite a lot of his stuff, and its alright, not too big a fan though. It does seem to be in that 'new Hendrix' vein that a lot of the 80's shred guys were keen on.
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I'm a fan. I really love his cover of ZZ Top's Just Got Paid. And all of his Hendrix covers are great. I also heard a track he did for a Santana tribute album and it was pretty good.

No doubt he's a Hendrix clone, but at least he's a damn good one.