Hi everyone. I've been playing guitar for around 3 years now and it feels like i haven't improved that much or it feels like im improving very slowly. I try to play my guitar at least once a day. Does anyone have any advice for me so I can get better?
i would try to challenge yourself, mix up your songs. id say its one of the only ways to get better besides practicing.
Playing in itself isn't gonna get you increasing in skill all that fast if you don't play with discipline. Playing other people's songs for example will get you somewhere, but in the long run it won't make you amazing. What you should do is play things that will improve focused things like for example string skipping with the picking hand. You should have dedicated exercises for different techniques.

You could look into Steve Vai's 10 hour workout or John Petrucci's Rock Discipline instructional video for examples of exercises. Links provided.

Vai workout:

Rock Discipline:
Do you learn music theory? Do you practice lead guitar?

Learning those will make you an immensely better player.