Well recently I joined a band and right now we are just doing covers, but will soon be moving on to create originals. What do you need to know to make bass lines for a band? I don not want to learn things I do not have to, just the basics I will need for being in a band and i will pick up more as I go along.
What kind of band is it?

If it's jazz you have to know chords and scales.

Rock and Metal you just stay in key.
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it is a rock band. stay in key, as in the scales that belong to that key?

Yea, pretty much.
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I'm taking a wild guess your in a Rock to Metal band? Anywho, I'm taking another gues your songs are going to be basic power chords, if not, this will still work for you. Find the root note, then play that. That's all you have to do for it to sound "O.K" Otherwise, learn scales, and play stuff in that scale of said key of the song, It's complicated to explain, It's something you'll learn overtime. I have a more "Unique" style than what other bassist I know do, so.... I don't know.
just play two bars of the same note, then move to another one. when the guitarist plays a lick, try and play it on the bass.
I agree with kmbuchamushroom. Learn basic chords (minor's, major's, 7th's, etc.), major scales, the modes, pentatonics, and transcribe some rock bass lines to see how other bassists create them. That would be the bare minimum to sound decent.
If you want to be "conventional," there isn't a whole lot of theory involved. Just figure out the root note or notes, play them, and make sure to stay in key.

If you want a more unique and eloquent style, scales, arpeggios, and note intervals are probably the best thing for you. You'd still need to know your root notes, but arpeggiating around them or glissing up to them would give you a more creative approach.

Hope this helps!
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thanks everyone this helped alot. is there a site where i will find major scales,keys,chords and whatever else was suggested in this thread?