One of my friends asked me if the lead singer of Hinder was dead so I looked it up and found this.

"In a Rolling Stone interview in 2006, Hinder criticized OK Go for their treadmill routine (shown on the MTV VMAs) by calling them "fairies" and saying that it wasn't rock & roll enough, and also complained that OK Go's album Oh No did not sell as many albums as Extreme Behavior that week, therefore implying that they should've been performing at the awards instead. Hinder has also expressed their distaste for Thursday, Nirvana and screamo acts."

First OK GO is was better than Hinder will ever be, and accusing them of being gay because they just danced instead of being "rock and roll". Second, who the eff can criticize Thursday ever, no one. The end. As for "screamo" acts, well I'll leave that one alone until they actually learn what they are talking about.

Then Skillet was supposed to go on tour with Hinder last year but Hinder said they didn't want them too after they found out they were a Christian band. I'm not saying Skillet is good but this is just dumb.

Summary: Hinder=deuchebags


( I know this doesnt really have anything to do with this forum minus Thursday and the screamo referrence, but I think it fit best here.)

I actually didnt mind their show. It was quite good. It also had an AMAZING cover of ZZ Top's Sharp Dressed Man. I could care less about their attitude.
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well, hinder wrote 'lips of an angel' so i can't really take anything they say srsly. what a horrible song.
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I hate to be a contributer to this thread in the wrong forum, but yeah, Hinder is full of bitches. Virgin bitches.
Haha, Ok Go are better than Hinder, I'll agree with that, and the videos are great whether they make them look like fairies or not.

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