Hi, Im just wondering if there is anyone out there who has the tab everybody knows this is no where by neil young and crazy horse live and the fillmore east version
just another studio tab you would reccommend would be appreciated also

im better than normal....im abnormal!
Hey Joey 67 Just to let you know... I'm very drunk I saw your request It's 5:00 am in the morning ( I have a problem I know) I thought I'd help you out, I couldn't find the fillmore east version but I used this version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LrQCmtsnWc

Let it Ring

G C G (Chords)
I think I'd like to go back home

I looked at the song and he noodles around that part of the fret board for the whole song but if you can't work the song out for yourself Pm me and i'll help you out
P.s Very Good song we should talk music man... Good taste